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Wisconsin Environmental Lawyer

Environmental laws not only protect our natural environment, but also work to protect us from toxic materials that can reach us through our food, water and air. Although food, water and air are essential for our bodies, toxins can poison our bodies and may cause serious injuries, such as problems breathing, cancer and even death. Toxins may invade your home and the surrounding land, not only making it unsafe for your family, but possibly decreasing its value in the process.

Wisconsin law protects the landowner whose land is being polluted to sue the entity who is polluting it, as a form of trespass. Environmental laws also regulate the activities that can be conducted on various properties.

Contacting Our Milwaukee Environmental Law Attorneys

Environmental law is complex and usually requires expert testimony. If you have been injured or suffered property damage as a result of pollution or environmental contamination, you need a team of experienced lawyers to fight for your rights.

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