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Automatic Door Accidents

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Even if you tried, you may not be able to avoid all automatic doors. They are nearly everywhere, at airports, shopping malls, grocery stores, hospitals, and even in most garages. Although they are designed to make our lives easier, they are not without potential dangers.

When you approach an automatic door in a retail or public place, they are designed to easily open to allow people to walk through and not to close until you are all the way through. Unfortunately, all too often, this does not happen. These doors can and do malfunction and close suddenly, with no warning to whoever is walking through. When this happens, the doors can strike a person, and sometimes knock the person down.

Garage doors can malfunction in a similar way. Although sensors at the bottom are designed to stop the door from closing when someone or something is detected in the way, the sensors may not always work.

Small children and the elderly are the most at risk when automatic doors malfunction, but everyone can be vulnerable. If you’ve been involved in an accident with an automatic door, contact Cannon & Dunphy, S.C. today for a free consultation!

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