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Wisconsin Food Poisoning Attorney

The Centers for Disease Control estimate foodborne illnesses cause 76 million illnesses and result in 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths yearly in the United States.

While there are many food-training programs in place, sometimes the places we trust to nourish our bodies and to handle our food and drinks with the utmost care fail to exercise that care, leaving our food contaminated. Often this contaminated food can lead to serious discomfort and health issues. If you’ve suffered from a food poisoning accident and want to pursue a legal case, contact the Wisconsin food poisoning attorneys at Cannon & Dunphy, S.C.

Many contaminants can accidentally be introduced to the food and drinks we consume including:

Some very serious contaminations may result in lifelong medical problems. Food and drinks may become contaminated with these or viruses in a number of ways. Some meat and chicken can become contaminated with pathogens found in feces or in intestinal contents of animals in the slaughterhouse when proper care is not practiced. Our Wisconsin injury attorneys offer free consultations to discuss your case. Call (855) 570-2676 to speak with one of our expert trail lawyers today.

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