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Wisconsin Boating Accident Lawyer

There are 635,000 boats registered in Wisconsin. On any given weekend in the summer, boats registered in Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa add hundreds of thousands to this total. In 2009, there were 16 fatalities in Wisconsin due to boating accidents. Eighty-one percent of boat operators in accidents had not taken a safety course. Litigation over maritime and admiralty accidents may arise in many situations, not just recreational boat rides. The Wisconsin boating accident lawyers at Cannon & Dunphy, S.C. have the experience to handle your case with the best possible result.

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Personal Injuries from Boating Accidents

Personal injuries, property damage or other injuries can arise from a variety of situations, including:

Oftentimes, regardless of the circumstances, accidents involving maritime law can be unique and complex. Accidents occurring on a navigable body of water entirely within a state’s borders may only involve state law, while accidents occurring on bodies of water between bordering states may involve state or federal law. Accidents occurring out at sea may involve international law.

Choosing Our Milwaukee Personal Injury Law Firm

Many lawyers have never dealt with these types of claims, but at Cannon & Dunphy S.C. we are experienced in this area. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed as a result of a boating accident, contact Cannon & Dunphy S.C. today. Let our team of Wisconsin personal injury lawyers and staff help you successfully navigate through the legal process and help you obtain a fair recovery.

(*Statistics from Recreational Boating in Wisconsin: The 2007 Survey; 2009 Wisconsin Boating Program Report, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)

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