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Premises Liability

What Is Premises Liability?

April 5, 2018 |
All landowners have a reasonable duty of care to anyone who is injured on their property. This is a general assignment of legal responsibility in the event of a mishap. But, landowners and business operators are not necessarily always held liable for damages when some injuries occur due to the legal doctrine of reasonable...
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Safety on the Playground

When the weather is nice, the park can be a great place to take your kids. It is the perfect place for your children to meet other kids and make new friends. But, did you know that playgrounds may be dangerous to your children? In fact, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention states...
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How to Prove Premises Liability in Wisconsin

October 23, 2014 |
Many accidents in Wisconsin occur on someone else's property. Whether such accidents occur inside or outside of a building, they are called " premises liability" accidents. These accidents can occur at a private residence, a hotel, a store, a commercial building, an office, or even at a park, or on the street.A premises can...
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