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February 2013

Proposed Bill Could Create More Hurdles For Asbestos-Exposed Workers

A new bill being considered in the Wisconsin general assembly may make it more difficult for those who get sick or die as a result of asbestos exposure through no fault of their own to be compensated for their injuries in a timely manner.The bill not only affect those with exposed to asbestos, but could...
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Two Lawmakers Hoping For Support To Toughen State’s Drunk Driving Laws

February 17, 2013 |
Two Wisconsin lawmakers are working on drumming up support to toughen Wisconsin's drunk driving laws.Sen. Alberta Darling and Rep. Jim Ott proposed tougher drunk driving measures in the 2012 legislative session, but the proposals stalled after estimates showed the new measures could cost millions of dollars not already accounted. They are working on reintroducing...
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New Law Leaves Man In Highway Mishap With Few Options Of Recourse

February 2, 2013 |
A law that took effect last spring is leaving some injured by road hazards in Wisconsin with few options of recourse if they suffer injuries.According to news reports,  a Wisconsin man was driving down the highway near Madison when a ball of concrete approximately the size of a softball or approximately 4 inches thick...
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