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5 Signs of a Drunk Driver On the Road

September 6, 2017 |
In Wisconsin, drunk driving (Operating While Intoxicated) is a serious criminal offense. Drunk drivers injure thousands of victims each year and cause millions of dollars in damages. Although a drunk driver isn't always easy to spot, here are 5 telltale signs that a driver on the road might be over the legal limit:1. Speed...
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Drunk Driving Accidents During Summer

With Fourth of July now behind us, many Americans are still recovering from the long weekend and getting back to work. This time of year is a time for enjoying good weather, great company, and plenty of fun. For a lot of Americans, that means drinking alcohol. Beer and alcoholic beverages just seem to...
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Fighting For Drunk Driving Victims – Waukesha Personal Injury Lawyer

July 5, 2013 |
Our Waukesha personal injury lawyers fight for drunk driving victims who have been injured because of the carelessness of another driver.According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, in 2009 alcohol was involved in 44 percent of fatal crashes in Wisconsin. Additionally, out of the more than 300 drivers who were killed and tested, 38...
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MADD Encourages Parents To Discuss All Possible Dangers Of Underaged Drinking With Teens

April 20, 2013 |
New information released from Mothers Against Drunk Driving shows that a bit more than two-thirds of all deaths associated with underaged drinking do not occur on the roads.The group analyzed 2010 data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for...
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