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Proposed Bill Could Create More Hurdles For Asbestos-Exposed Workers

A new bill being considered in the Wisconsin general assembly may make it more difficult for those who get sick or die as a result of asbestos exposure through no fault of their own to be compensated for their injuries in a timely manner.

The bill not only affect those with exposed to asbestos, but could cover many other dangerous products as well. The law would require individuals to pursue smaller recoveries from asbestos trust before they could attempt to pursue a more significant recovery in court.

Opponents of the proposed legislation argue that delaying an asbestos case may jeopardize the entire case by creating extra hurdles so many of the victims die before their testimony can be preserved in discovery.

Supporters of the proposed legislation said the new law could help reduce the backlog in state courts.

Asbestos exposure is listed as a Class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Those exposed to it may develop a cancer named mesothelioma, which there is no known cure for and many patients die within a year of diagnosis.

Several other states are considering similar legislation.

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