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July 2012

Traffic Fatalities Up 13.5% In First Quarter

Traffic fatalities increased 13.5 percent in the first three months of 2012, according to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the second largest increase since the NHTSA began tracking the data. The last increase during the first quarter was recorded in 2006 and was a 3.5 percent increase.In the preliminary data...
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Witnesses Shed Light On Fatal Crane Collapse

July 16, 2012 |
A fatal crane collapse in Oshkosh earlier this month may have occurred due to an operator error. According to reports, witnesses said it occurred because the 52-ton girder was lowered a bit too quickly or the operator may have adjusted the crane's position when the span was being put into place.A 35-year-old working in...
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After Several Area Drownings, Officials Offer Pool Safety Reminders

July 8, 2012 |
The recent heat wave sends many people to one of the many pools, rivers or lakes in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, with an increase in water recreation time comes a need for reviewing water safety to prevent a tragedy from occurring. Already this summer several people have drowned in water-related accidents. A 4-year-old died in his family's pool....
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Repeat OWI Offenders In WI: A Serious Problem

A rash of Wisconsin drivers facing third and even fourth time offenses of driving under the influence have been in the news lately. According to recent reports, these are occurred within the past few weeks in Wisconsin: - A 54-year-old Elm Grove man is facing a fourth drunken driving charge May 20 after hitting a parked...
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