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Repeat OWI Offenders In WI: A Serious Problem

A rash of Wisconsin drivers facing third and even fourth time offenses of driving under the influence have been in the news lately. 

According to recent reports, these are occurred within the past few weeks in Wisconsin: 

– A 54-year-old Elm Grove man is facing a fourth drunken driving charge May 20 after hitting a parked car in Wauwatosa, on his way to a restaurant. He is facing up to a year in prison and $2,000 in fines if convicted of his fourth operating while intoxicated. 

– A 27-year-old Wauwatosa man was facing his fourth felony operating while intoxicated within five years. He was pulled over in Racine County June 9 while driving a moped. He was spotted on Sylvania Avenue in Yorkville and failed a field sobrity test. He was convicted three times before and is facing up to six years in prison and $10,000 in fines. 

– A 23-year-old man was arrested for his third operating while intoxicated charge after being pulled over on West North Avenue by a Wauwatose police officer. He was also cited for driving without a license. 

Operating while intoxicated is a serious problem in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation reported that out of more than 500 people killed in crashes in 2009, alcohol played a role in 44 percent of those crashes and at least 4,000 people were injured in drunk driving accidents in 2009. 

If your life has been affected by someone illegally operating a motor vehicle while under the influence, it is imperative to speak with a Wisconsin personal injury attorney immediately to discuss how we can assist you. Call today for your free, initial consultation.


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