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July 2015

Wisconsin Supreme Court Holds Truck Drivers to High Standard in Dakter v. Cavallino

July 18, 2015 |
There are an estimated 2 million semi-tractor trailers in operation throughout the United States. With this many in operation on our highways, it is not surprising that motor vehicle crashes involving semi-tractor trailers frequently occur. When they do, the resulting injuries are usually more significant, given the size, weight, and momentum of semi-tractor trailers.In...
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Samsung Builds ‘See-Through’ Trucks to Prevent Accidents

July 15, 2015 |
Samsung, primarily known for its smartphones, laptops, and tablets, created an 18-wheeler truck prototype that could prevent serious accidents, news sources report. Using its own technology, Samsung rigged the semi with four large screens on the back of the tractor trailer.These screens create an image of the truck driver’s vantage point, allowing motorists to...
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Bicycle Safety & Wisconsin’s Complete Streets’ Policy

More than 720 local and regional agencies across the United States have adopted Complete Streets policies. These policies involve more than finishing roadway construction; a Complete Street must providesafe access for all users. This includes sidewalks, traffic lanes, and bicycle lanes.Complete Streets policies were created to increase safety and encourage multiple forms of transportation,...
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