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Milwaukee truck accident lawyer - Injuries and Deaths Due to Truck Accidents

Trucks are so much larger than the typical vehicle on the road that accidents between a passenger vehicle and a truck can be more catastrophic than most accidents between two passenger vehicles. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, there is an average of 6,825 large truck crashes occur on the public roads in Wisconsin. These accidents result in an average of 70 people killed and more than 2,300 are injured. For those injured or who have lost loved ones in truck accidents, you need to speak with a Milwaukee truck accident lawyer.

There are some ways to more safely navigate the roadways when driving near large semi trucks and tractor trailers. It is important to know that a larger a truck is, the larger the blind spots are as well. Those blind spots extend to not only the left and right-hand sides, but the front and back of the truck.

Most truck crashes are avoidable and can often be traced to factors such as driver fatigue, unsafe driving practices, improperly maintained brakes, improperly maintained tires and improperly secured or overweight loads.

Most people think of truck accidents as solely involving semi or tractor trailers, but they may involve any type of truck including dump trucks, emergency vehicles or other types of trucks.

If you have been involved in a truck accident, it is important to take certain steps. Make sure to seek medical help promptly to uncover any injuries that may not be immediately apparent to you. Preserve evidence from the accident, including the vehicle involved in it. When you have sought out the medical help you need, then you should call our office to speak with a Milwaukee truck accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.


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