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Do Insurance Companies Really Try to Take Advantage of Victims?

March 29, 2018 |

The sad truth is that if every insurance company paid every victim what they really were entitled to, these companies would be out of business within a few months.

While many insurance companies are not working to purposely swindle the victims, they are operating in a manner that is good for business. These are just a few ways the insurance companies take advantage of victims;

Rushing to Offer You a Cash Settlement

One of the ways the insurance company will try to take advantage of a victim is by offering them a large cash settlement right after the injury occurred. This offer could be more money than most people will see in their lives, so they think the insurance company is coming to the rescue and jump at the chance to grab their new windfall.

Your Wisconsin personal injury lawyer will show you that the insurance company went to great lengths to get their own investigative team to the scene and determined quickly they were at fault. Rather than go through a costly and lengthy trial, they decided to save a small fortune and make an offer for a fraction of what they expected to pay if the case was seen by a judge.

Helping You Avoid a Lengthy Trial

When you have been seen by all the doctors and the insurance company has still not offered to settle, a trial will be looming.

The insurance company lawyers are some of the best paid in the country, and they realize that time is working against the victim, who most likely is feeling the pressure of mounting bills by this point and might not want to have to go through a lengthy trial.

Your attorney can help you to realize the insurance company will most likely come in with an offer the day the case was due to go to trial, right when the victim is at their most vulnerable.

Using High-Pressure Tactics in Court

If the insurance company lawyers feel they can rattle the cage of the victim in court, they will hold back an offer as long as possible. The lawyer will have detailed files on the victim, and will zero in on one area of weakness to try and discredit the victim and to get them to take a smaller settlement to avoid further pressure in the court.

The Wisconsin personal injury lawyers at Cannon & Dunphy have seen all the ploys, and will counsel victims so they can rest assured they have a professional fighting on their behalf.

Don’t fall prey to the lure of a fast cash settlement when the insurance company makes an offer, your Milwaukee personal injury lawyer can show you how you may be entitled to more and how they can fight on your behalf to pursue the appropriate compensation.

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