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Wisconsin Guardsman Fatally Struck in Highway Accident

September 13, 2014 |

A Wisconsin National Guardsman has been identified by Washburn County authorities after being struck and killed by a vehicle on a highway near Trego last week.

The 27-year-old and a friend were driving back from a comrade’s funeral, when, according to the victim’s friend, he pulled over to take a nap because he was too intoxicated to drive. They had been drinking at several bars after the funeral, according to the friend. The Washburn County Sheriff’s Office is uncertain as to why the victim got out of his vehicle and was in the highway lane after pulling over to the side of the road, but the incident has been identified as an accident.

The victim served on the National Guard for eight years and had been deployed to Iraq.

Highway accidents are typically some of the most severe traffic collisions seen on Wisconsin roadways. High speeds are often involved, and if a victim is a pedestrian, the result is likely to be catastrophic or deadly. That is why it is so important to remember several safety tips:

  • If your vehicle is disabled or you pull over to the side of the highway for any reason, turn on your hazard lights and remain in your vehicle. If you have flares or other emergency equipment that will make your vehicle easier to spot, use these.
  • If you must exit your vehicle, try to exit on the side away from traffic and immediately move off the highway. Remaining on the shoulder near your vehicle could be dangerous, as another motorist may not see you or your vehicle and may cause a secondary collision. If you are not in the vehicle, your chances of injury are typically far greater than if you were inside.
  • If you are unable to pull over to the side of the road, turn on your hazard lights. Do not get out of your vehicle and try to push it off the highway. If you believe you are in a perilous situation because of a fuel leak, because your vehicle will be struck from behind or for a similar reason, you may need to exit the vehicle. Do so with extreme caution and immediately get completely off the highway. If you have reflective clothing, a flashlight or other gear, put this on or use it before you exit the vehicle to increase your visibility to other motorists.
  • Do not attempt to cross a highway. Approaching vehicles traveling at fast speeds may reach you far more quickly than you realize.
  • Use your cell phone or a roadside telephone to call for emergency help as soon as possible. If you feel you are in danger, be sure to communicate your concerns to the emergency dispatcher so he or she understands the gravity of the situation and can send help as quickly as possible.

Of course every situation is different, so you must use your own judgment when it comes to handling an emergency on a highway.

If you would like to learn more about traffic accidents and the steps you can take to seek fair compensation for medical care, lost earnings, property damage and other losses, a Milwaukee car accident attorney at Cannon & Dunphy S.C. may be able to help. Our team handles all types of motor vehicle accident claims and lawsuits across Wisconsin and can offer insight to help you recover the money that can help you rebuild your life. Call today.

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