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Why Traveling in Snow in Wisconsin is So Dangerous

December 12, 2017 |

Driving in snow can be quite dangerous and, in most cases, is ill-advised. That said, it is sometimes unavoidable for people who must perform everyday activities like going to work, transporting their children to school, and carrying out necessary errands. There are a number reasons that this action can be considered dangerous.

Freezing Occurs Quickly

The primary danger associated with driving in snow or other wintry weather is the speed with which deteriorating conditions can develop. It does not take a record-setting blizzard, or even a moderate amount of snowfall to produce a treacherous, accident-inducing environment. Typically, the culprit for this hazard is not merely the falling precipitation, but also the freezing temperatures. The colder the air, the faster any precipitation like snow, as well as the roadways being traversed, will freeze. When such circumstances arise, controlling your vehicle will become increasingly difficult because:

  • The automobile’s tires will spin in different directions, making it harder to steer.
  • Braking becomes harder and the car may slide for significant distances before halting.
  • Freezing conditions can sometimes be hard for the naked eye to detect. A thoroughfare can occasionally freeze without the accumulation of much frozen precipitation. This phenomenon is known as “black ice.”

You can better prepare yourself to face these hazards if you engage in proper precautions both prior to venturing out into snow events, as well as while driving under such circumstances.

Prepare Your Vehicle Prior to the Winter Season

“Winterizing” your car can help prepare it to be driven during adverse weather conditions and can go a long way in helping you avoid any potential crashes. Automobile experts suggest observing the following tips:

  • Have your vehicle thoroughly inspected by a licensed mechanic. The systems that should be double-checked include the heating, braking, and steering components.
  • Have snow chains handy. These can help add traction to the tires of your vehicle, helping to avoid losing control on the slippery roads.
  • Make sure windshield wipers are in good working order and, if not, replace them immediately.

Observe Safe Driving Practices

When forced to drive during wintry conditions, you can increase your chances of safely arriving at your destination by adhering to the following practices:

  • Do not speed.
  • Break softly and cautiously.
  • Maintain a greater distance between yours and other cars than under normal circumstances.
  • Do not attempt to motor up any hills unless there is no other alternative.

There are times when automobile accidents, especially during the wintertime, are unavoidable. However, by preparing your vehicle and yourself to handle such adverse conditions, the chances for involvement in such an unfortunate incident diminish. That said, should the unthinkable occur, please contact our Wisconsin car accident lawyers at Cannon & Dunphy. We will review your case and, if circumstances warrant, might be able to offer counsel.

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