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What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident

March 23, 2018 |

Even a minor collision or accident can often be a disorientating and emotionally trying ordeal, especially in situations where the other driver chooses to flee the scene. Knowing what to do following a hit and run helps to ensure that accident victims are better able to protect themselves as well as their long-term interests.

From being able to identify and avoid potential safety hazards at the scene immediately following an accident to seeking the help and assistance of a qualified legal professional, each of the following steps can be of critical importance for those who have become the victim of a hit and run collision or other type of automotive accident.

Safety Concerns at the Scene of an Accident

There are any number of potential issues which might further threaten the safety of drivers in the moments immediately following an accident. While drivers may be understandably hesitant to disturb things until the authorities arrive and the scene has been properly documented, failing to relocate a vehicle to a safer environment or to move away from the flow of traffic can be a serious misstep.

Other safety concerns may include attempting to exit the vehicle when it may not be safe to do so or attempting to move those who may have been seriously injured during the accident. Safety concerns are of paramount importance and should always be made the number one priority following a collision.

Gather as Much Information as Possible

Once safety concerns have been addressed, hit and run accident victims will need to document the scene and gather as much information as possible. Details that could make a crucial difference regarding insurance claims or even future legal action may include:

  • License plate and other information regarding the other vehicle
  • Details regarding the circumstances and events leading up to the collision
  • Contact information for any witnesses
  • Photographs of damage, position of vehicles and other accident scene details.

Contacting the Authorities

From emergency medical services to insurance agents, there are any number of professionals and agencies that may need to be notified following an accident. In the event of a hit and run, the police will still need to be summoned to the scene in order to document the collision and file a report.

Failing to contact law enforcement before leaving the scene of a hit and run accident can greatly complicate the process of filing a suit or claim.

Seeking Legal Assistance

The guidance, assistance and formal representation that only an experienced attorney may be able to provide is never a resource that accident victims can afford to overlook. Contacting a firm or legal professional at the earliest possible opportunity helps to optimize the chance that they will be able to obtain a favorable ruling, verdict or outcome.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a recent hit and run or other type of collision, it is time to call our Brookfield auto accident lawyers to arrange an initial consultation.

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