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What Happens After an ATV or UTV Accident?

April 13, 2018 |

You’re cruising the trails with friends on your ATV, then suddenly you lose control and your ATV wrecks and you go flying. Whether you had safety equipment on or not, the first course of action is making certain that you are not seriously injured.

What you do next can make a huge difference in whether or not your insurance company will cover your medical bills and equipment repairs.

Action After the Accident

Regardless if the ATV flipped and rolled you down a hill, or you crashed into a tree, the most important thing that you can do after the accident is get help for anyone injured.

There are many new all-terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles on the market today that can travel in excess of 75 MPH, resulting is serious bodily harm if involved in an accident.

When the drivers or passenger is not wearing the appropriate safety gear, it is important to call 911 to get an emergency assistance team to the scene immediately.

Even if it appears that no one was injured, it is always a good idea to call for medical assistance in case the injuries are internal and might become life-threatening in short order. A police officer will arrive at the scene too, creating a police report that may be legally required by your insurance company.

Document the Details of the Accident

While waiting for the emergency assistance team and police to arrive, it is a good idea to take as many pictures as possible with a smart phone. Someone in the group has a phone, document the damage to the ATV or UTV, injuries to riders, and surrounding scene.

This will be helpful in case the insurance company needs documentation, or if they refuse the claim and you need to hire a personal injury law firm in Milwaukee to help. This is especially true when someone else caused the injury or if the ATV had a defect.

Having preserved the scene, your attorney will have a better chance of painting a clear picture of how the accident occurred and who was at fault in your favor. If another driver was involved, exchange insurance information now.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Once you are physically able, contact your insurance agent and explain the details of the accident. Although insurance coverage for all-terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles varies, there should be adequate coverage to help pay for the damages suffered.

Damage to the ATV or UTV and medical bills should be covered unless the insurance company feels there is a liability issue. This is the time you want to contact a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer to fight on your behalf.

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, 100,000 emergency room visits last year were results of ATV accidents. Your attorney specializes in these type cases, and is your best chance to getting the insurance company to make things right.

Don’t make the mistake of accepting a rejection by the insurance company just because they feel this incident was not covered. Call the ATV accident lawyers at Cannon & Dunphy today and get a free consultation pertaining to the specifics of your ATV or UTV accident.

With the help of a skilled personal injury law firm in Milwaukee at your side, your chances of getting a favorable ruling by the courts increase tremendously.

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