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Waukesha Personal Injury Attorney: What Compensation Can Drunk Driving Victims Receive?

August 6, 2013 |

Accidents involving drunk drivers can be devastating. Oftentimes those injured in such accidents suffer immensely. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, at least 4,000 people suffered injuries from drunk driving accidents in 2009 and hundreds were killed.

Waukesha Personal Injury Attorney Can Help Recover Compensation

Drunk driving is a big problem, especially in Wisconsin. Drunk driving laws do not only cover accidents involving alcohol, but accidents involving any type of illegal substances or some prescription drugs known to impair driving abilities.

Drunk driving victims can seek compensation in two main areas. First they can seek compensation from the insurance companies of the at-fault party or from the uninsured motorist coverage, which is available if the at-fault party did not have insurance. Secondly, victims can seek restitution through the criminal courts. Restitution may cover compensation for medical bills, wage loss, mileage for medically-related appointments as well as other related costs.

When a crime results in personal injury, a restitution order by a judge may include what is known as special damages. These include the aforementioned as well as physical therapy, mental health care, loss of income and many reasonable out-of-pocket expenses.

In drunk driving case, the obvious responsible party or parties are those in the other vehicle who were impaired, but other people may also be help liable. In some cases, a bar, restaurant or other establishment that provided the alcohol may be pursued for compensation. For example, a bar tender that continues to serve a visibly impaired person may also be pursued.

In the most devastating cases, you may not have been the victim, but may be dealing with losing a loved one in an alcohol-related accident. It is crucial to discuss your case with a Waukesha personal injury attorney who can fight on your behalf. Our team can help make sure you are provided with proper compensation and those who are responsible are held responsible for their role in the tragedy.


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