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Vehicle Maintenance to Prevent Crashes in Wisconsin

December 19, 2017 |

All car accidents have a significant impact upon those involved in such incidents. In many instances, car wrecks will leave its victims with extensive and expensive repairs, as well as higher insurance premiums. However, on some occasions, accidents can result in far more severe consequences, such as bodily injury. Proper maintenance on vehicles can help prevent individuals from being involved in crashes.

Brakes Must Be Inspected

One of the car’s most valuable assets are its brakes. Well maintained, functioning brakes could make the difference between involvement in an accident and narrowly averting one. Mechanics recommend that car owners have their brakes’ discs and pads carefully examined every 60,000 and 20,000 miles respectively.

Monitor the Condition of the Car’s Tires

It is crucial to pay close attention to both the tread and air pressure of the vehicle’s tires. When a tire’s tread is worn, a vehicle could experience poor traction and become more difficult to control, especially during adverse weather conditions. Insufficient tire pressure is considered a major driving hazard that could cause a tire to burst. Should such an occurrence happen on a highway or when traveling at high speeds, the results could be catastrophic.

Do Not Ignore Warning Lights

If any of the vehicle’s dashboard caution lights remain illuminated after turning the ignition, do not automatically assume it is a light malfunction. More often than not, this indicates that one of the automobile’s critical systems is not functioning at an optimal level and may be in need of repair. Delaying to respond or ignoring the warning could result in the specific problem worsening, thus increasing the risk of involvement in an accident.

Check and Change Oil Routinely

Oil is every vehicle’s life blood. When a car’s oil supply diminishes, its internal systems will not operate properly and be susceptible to damaging. In addition, a low oil content could cause the car to overheat, which in some cases, can precipitate an engine fire. Most mechanics recommend having the oil checked on a frequent basis and changed at least every 3,000 miles.

Maintain and Change the Windshield Wipers

If a car’s wipers are slow and ineffective, traveling in any type of adverse weather conditions will become significantly more hazardous. Mechanics suggest checking and replacing wipers often.

Proper vehicle maintenance can be an arduous task. However, taking such action can greatly reduce the chances of becoming involved in an auto wreck. However, should you experience a car accident, please contact us. We will review your case and may be able to offer assistance. Our Wisconsin auto accident lawyers understand the difficulties injury victims face and we stand by our clients’ sides every step of the way.

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