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Study Shows Effects Of Stress On Short-Term Memory

September 1, 2012 |

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin- Madison have found that stress really affects short-term memory and keeps people from being very productive. 

Researchers studied how the short-term memory, which is designed to allow the brain to store large amounts of information for short periods of time, was affected by the introduction of stress. 

Researchers added a loud blast of white noise to rats working on completing a maze. Researchers found while neurons working to retain information increased in activity, they were not retaining important aspects of the what they needed to. The rats, in turn who were able to finish the maze about 90 percent of the time were reduced to finishing it about 65 percent of the time. 

According to the researchers, literature points to stress playing a role in more than half of all workplace accidents and many people work under constant or regular stress. 

It was believed stress surpressed that activity, instead of increased it. Now that researchers have found it increases the activity, but not the effectiveness of the activity, they hope that information can help develop better treatments for those with injuries and deficiancies in the prefrontal cortext. 

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