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NHTSA Considers New Rating Systems For Seniors, Families

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is considering two new rating systems that would be geared toward families as well as older drivers. The aim of the proposed rating systems would grade how well car makers can prevent senior citizens from being involved in crashes.

The NHTSA is discussing a “silver” car rating system that would look at how well safety features help prevent accidents for older drivers as well as a “family” rating for how effectively a vehicle protects rear-seat passengers, especially children, by updating the New Car Assessment Program.

The NCAP helps consumers make decisions by allowing them to compare safety performance and features in new vehicles. These would be added in addition to the current five-star safety ratings that has been in place since the late 70s.

For seniors, the NHTSA is thinking of focusing on vehicles offering inflatable seat belts or new technologies that may help prevent unintended acceleration when a driver hits the wrong pedal, as well as some current technologies such as forward collision warning.

For families, the NHTSA may take a look at features such as blind spot detection, advanced frontal lighting for better night visibility, as well as features like lane departure prevention.

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