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New Standards Released For Black Box Data Collection

August 19, 2012 |

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration released standards for what data should be collected from black boxes in motor vehicles in the event of an accident. 

Beginning September 1, new vehicles equipped with event data recorders, otherwise known as black boxes, must meet certain criteria for data captured as well as accuracy and crash survivability. 

The NHTSA wanted to implement the new standards in order to best insure any type of data obtained in a crash is recoverable and usable. Black boxes can capture such elements such as the speed of the vehicle at the time of the crash, if airbags deploy, if brakes were applied and if occupants were wearing seatbelts. The data can be used in lawsuits and to determine if crashes are the result of a manufacturer defect or another cause.

In addition, the new laws would require manufacturers to release the data they receive to the public. It is estimated more than 90 percent of vehicles in the Untied States currently have black boxes installed. 

The NHTSA is still working on a law requiring all new cars sold to contain the devices, but is confident this step will increase the safety of roadways throughout the country. 

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