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Fecal Matter Found In Milwaukee Harbor

October 15, 2011 |

Scientists have found “chronic pollution” due to human sewage in Milwaukee’s harbor.

According to an article on a new report by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee showed chronic pollution from people, not animals, in each water sample that was collected on both rainy and dry days. The research showed human fecal bacteria, which often carries viruses and other pathogens. Scientist said the presence of the matter causes a “public health risk” for those who use the harbor as recreation.

According to the report, scientists tested 27 samples from the harbor’s main channel. They said the sewage is likely coming from leaking private sewage laterals and illegal cross-connections of laterals to storm sewers. The found multiple markers that helped scientists rule out that the matter originated from animals. 

The samples were taken and tested in 2007 and 2008, but scientists said the information is still relevant since very few leaky lines have been repaired in the metro area in the past few years. Bacteria was found to be increased on days with rainfall, even when it did not result in overflows of nearby sewer systems.

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