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Douglas Co. Hunter Shot, Killed While Hunting Deer

November 21, 2012 |

A 27-year-old hunter from Oliver, Wis. was accidentally shot by his hunting partner Monday evening and died while hunting deer.

Officials said his 31-year-old hunting partner mistook him for a deer about 5 p.m. Monday, even though he was wearing an orange blazer. The accident occurred just off of Highway W, south of Oliver.

According to news reports, there have been three injuries this year and another man who was shot and killed on opening day, which was Saturday, at Fort McCoy. Officials are still trying to determine if his death was in connection with hunting. One man also died when he fell from his tree stand, which theDNR does not count as a hunting death.

The gun deer season in Wisconsin runs from November 17 through November 25 this year. The hunter’s death is believed to be the first in the past three years in the state.

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