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A Good Lawyer

September 23, 2013 |

The following is an excerpt from an article that appeared in the October, 1999 issue of Milwaukee Magazine:

PERSONAL INJURY (for the plaintiff)

Leading a well-seasoned pack of PI attorneys is Patrick Dunphy (Cannon & Dunphy S.C.). Formerly with Robert Habush’s firm, Dunphy began his legal career as a defense attorney for insurance companies. Last year, he represented a survivor and the widows of three men killed in a fiery truck-van crash on U.S. Highway 41, settling with Consolidated Freightways for an undisclosed amount.

“He doesn’t mislead people, his success is well-deserved,” says a peer. “He can write, he can think and he can try cases,” adds another.

Dunphy’s personal recommendations: Excluding past and present associates, to whom would Dunphy refer clients? “I’d highly recommend Jim Murphy, Ric Domnitz, Don Prachthauser and Gerry Bloch,” he says. “Terrific people as well as highly skilled lawyers.”

William Cannon (Cannon & Dunphy S.C.), also an alum of the Habush firm, scores points for his intensity and doggedness. When he’s in a trial, “he can’t let go,” says one attorney. “He eats it, he breathes it – a great quality for most cases, a – quality for some.” Says a Milwaukee judge: “He’s every bit as good as everybody says.”

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