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What is the Geico Accident Claims Process?

January 21, 2019 |

Have you suffered injuries from a car accident in Wisconsin? Thanks to the state’s fault car insurance laws, you will need to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to receive compensation for your losses. However, entering into negotiations with insurance companies, such as Geico, can be frustrating without a car accident attorney on your side. Here is everything you need to know about filing an accident claim with Geico.

The Geico Claims Process

Geico promotes its car insurance claims process as low stress and hassle-free. However, the process does not give you a lot of room to negotiate your claim or explain the extent of your injuries.

  • First, you will file your Geico insurance claim via the online form or by calling a Geico representative. You will need to provide the date, time, and state where the accident happened and a brief description of the circumstances.
  • After you file the claim, an adjuster will contact you to collect additional information about your case. He or she will confirm the details of the accident, arrange for an adjuster to examine your vehicle damage, and explain the next steps of the Geico process.
  • Next, Geico will provide you with an estimate of your settlement based on their investigation.
  • Finally, you will receive payment from Geico through direct deposit or via a mailed check. Geico may also pay the repair company directly.

This process may seem straightforward and easy, but it’s important to note that your goal and the adjuster’s goal differs. You want to obtain as much compensation as possible to cover your medical expenses, property damage, and other losses. The adjuster wants to offer the minimum settlement to save Geico as much money as possible.

You can choose to enter into negotiations with a Geico claims adjuster alone or you can obtain the services of a car accident attorney. Insurance companies tend to offer lower settlements to claimants without legal representation. An attorney can help you determine if you are receiving an appropriate settlement and help you enter into these negotiations.

Can You Negotiate Car Insurance Claims?

If you do decide to enter into a negotiation without an attorney, you will have to sharpen your negotiation skills. Here are a few tips to help you secure a fair settlement during the Geico claims process.

  • Make sure to gather as much information about your case as possible before entering the negotiation room. Collect photos, a list of your property damages, medical expense documentation, police reports, and notes on how your injuries affect your life.
  • Calculate your losses yourself. Evaluate your medical bills, car damage, and permanent limitations from your injuries to determine a ballpark figure. This calculation will help you determine if the adjuster offers you a fair settlement.
  • Prior to entering negotiations, determine your minimum acceptable settlement and your ideal agreement. Keep these values secret from the adjuster, but make sure to keep them in mind when evaluating settlement proposals.
  • Avoid accepting the first offer the adjuster offers you. The adjuster is hoping that you will not negotiate the offer further, so it may be lower than the amount you need. Do not feel pressured to accept a lower offer.
  • If the adjuster offers you a lower amount than what you believe you need, ask them to justify the lower offer. Write down his or her explanation and respond to each one in a letter.

Entering into negotiations with a Geico adjuster can place a lot of extra work and stress on you during your recovery. Avoid the stress by obtaining the services of a personal injury attorney. Having a car accident attorney can help you accurately calculate your damages and bring well-rehearsed negotiation techniques to your Geico negotiations.

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