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Dog Bites Animal Injuries

    Dog Bite Case


    $460,000 recovered for an 11-year-old who sustained severe injuries following dog bites to his arm, including post-traumatic stress disorder and scarring. Location: Montello, WI

    Dog Bite Case


    $300,000 recovered (which included statutory double damages) for a man who was bitten in the face by a Rottweiler dog while visiting a friend who was caring for the dog for the owner. Location: Erin, WI

    Dog Bite Case


    $300,000 recovered in a dog attack for a 3 year old boy who suffered a full thickness laceration to his cheek, requiring surgical closure and future plastic surgery to minimize the resulting scar. Double damages were also allowed because the defendant had notice that his dog had previously caused injury to another person. Location: Sheboygan, WI

    Dog Bite Case


    $125,000 recovered for a woman who was bitten in the lip by a neighbor’s dog while at the neighbor’s home, requiring stitches and scar revisions. Location: Brookfield, WI

    Dog Bite Case


    $103,000 jury verdict awarded in a dog bite case to a little girl who sustained three facial scars as a result of being attacked by the defendant’s dog. The defendant brought his dog over to the girl’s house while he performed community service. The defendant tied his dog up to a tree near her play area and then left the dog unattended. The girl was playing in the back yard and was bitten in the face when she approached the dog. The girl’s mother alleged that the defendant knew that this dog was dangerous and was negligent in tying the dog to a tree near the children’s play area. The defendant alleged that the girl’s mother and father were negligent in supervising their daughter. A jury found that the defendant and his dog were primarily liable for the event, with the mother being only 20% responsible, and the father being only 10% responsible. Location: Horicon, WI