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Wisconsin Truck Accident Lawyer

Representation for Trucking Accident Victims

Commercial trucks such as 18-wheelers and semi-trucks are large, fast-moving vehicles that can be extremely dangerous in the hands of a reckless or negligent driver. While trucking is essential to the economy and there are laws and regulations in place to manage the trucking industry, serious accidents can still occur.

At Cannon & Dunphy S.C., we understand that following a trucking accident you may be facing immense injuries, a lengthy recovery, and numerous complications. By retaining Cannon & Dunphy S.C., you could have a dedicated legal advocate on your side who can help you pursue the compensation that you deserve following a truck accident. If you have been wrongly injured, do not hesitate to contact a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer from our team right away.

While it may seem pretty straightforward to you who is liable for the injuries you have sustained, it is important to know that there are actually numerous parties that could be held responsible for an accident. When you work with our firm, we can thoroughly review your case and determine who is at fault and hold them liable for their actions. Each commercial trucking case is different, but listed below are the parties most commonly responsible:

The Driver
In most commercial trucking accident cases, human error is to blame. There are various laws in place that dictate what a driver can and cannot do while operating a vehicle, and upon inspection of the driver's log or surveillance, it may be determined that the driver is at fault.

The Manufacturer
If it is determined that a part of the truck or related equipment failed and thus resulted in a major incident, the manufacturer of the part could be to blame. Common part failures include brakes, steering systems, hitches, hydraulics, and tires.

The Loader
Flatbed trucks or any trucks that are shipping goods in large amounts need to be sure that their loads are properly secured prior to shipment. Failure on behalf of the loader to properly secure a load may spell disaster. Any movement during shipment can cause serious accidents.

Working with Cannon & Dunphy S.C.

Of course, each person's situation is unique, and without the representation of an attorney, you may be facing an uphill battle. At Cannon & Dunphy S.C., we are proud to offer quality representation and dedicated legal counsel to each individual who retains our services. We understand that this time in your life may be difficult, but with the guidance of a legal professional, you can increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome for your case. If you have questions or concerns regarding your situation, do not hesitate to schedule a free case evaluation with a Milwaukee truck accident lawyer now. Contact Cannon & Dunphy S.C. to get started!