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Wisconsin Civil Rights Lawyer

Every person has certain civil rights stating how he or she may and may not be treated at the hands of government officials. When an employee or agent of the government violates a person's civil rights, there may be a remedy under the law to recover damages resulting from the violation of those rights. The most important federal law that protects your constitutional rights against government misconduct is 42 USC Section 1983.

Section 1983 gives private citizens the right to sue the government and its employees for constitutional violations. Some common Section 1983 cases include:

  • Excessive force claims against law enforcement officers who engage in police brutality or unreasonably use deadly force
  • Reckless indifference by jail or prison staff in providing necessary medical care to inmates
  • False arrest claims against law enforcement officers who abuse their arrest and detention powers
  • Freedom of speech claims against public employers that punish or wrongfully terminate their employees when they speak out on a matter of public concern
  • Sexual abuse claims against government officials who use their position of authority to commit sexual assaults

Due to federal law, strict and difficult legal tests must be passed before someone can pursue a recovery for damages due to a civil rights violation. This law is extremely complicated and requires a great amount of experience in this area. If you feel your civil rights have been violated and you need an attorney to represent you, you need someone with a proven track record in civil rights cases. Contact us for your free case evaluation today.