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The Serious Problem of Defective Medical Devices

When a patient suffers a serious injury or condition, there are numerous treatment options that may be used. One potential treatment is the use of a medical device depending on the exact condition. While there are many helpful medical devices that can be used, there are also numerous medical devices that have been shown to be dangerous to the patients. Here are some issues that can result from dangerous medical devices.

Failure to Test

One issue that can occur is during the manufacturing of the product itself, when the manufacturer has various obligations to the consumer. One potential problem can be the failure to test the device to determine its safety. In these cases, the manufacturer may create a device that is not safe for use. This can include not checking to ensure the device is properly built and free of any obvious dangers.

Allergic Reactions

The various medical devices available to patients are made of different types of material, some even including nickel. In many cases, there are patients who have various allergies that make their reactions to these materials potentially harmful. This can result in severe allergic reactions and the need for the device to be removed.

Device Migration

There are some devices that are smaller and designed to help protect the body, such as an Essure birth control or IVC filter. Unfortunately, due to the size of these medical devices, if they are not inserted in the body properly, they can potentially migrate, causing serious damages including the possibility of perforation.

When there are issues involving a defective medical device, the patient who has sustained a serious injury may be able to seek compensation for the damages he or she sustained. At Cannon & Dunphy S.C., our Wisconsin defective medical device lawyers are dedicated to helping individuals who have been wrongfully harmed. Our team is here to guide you through the difficult process and help you move forward to the next chapter of your life.

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