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Regulations the Trucking Industry Must Follow

The trucking industry is highly regulated due to the potential dangers that can result if the truck driver, trucking company, employee, or manufacturer acts negligently. These are large vehicles and any accident involving trucks can leave victims suffering from significant injuries and damages. Because of this, there are various rules that must be followed and if they are not, the negligent party may be liable for any of the damages caused by his or her recklessness.

Hours of Operation Regulations

One of the common causes for any kind of vehicle collision is fatigued driving, which is when the driver operates his or her vehicle while tired. This is often the result of the driver not getting enough rest or sleep and not taking proper breaks when driving long distances. For truck drivers, they are only permitted to drive for a specific number of hours without taking a break in between. The breaks must also last a certain amount of time before the driver can work again.

Proper Licensing

The drivers of these large trucks must obtain proper driver’s licenses in order to operate the vehicle. These are called Commercial Driver’s License and they permit the individual to drive a commercial vehicle. However, there are some instances in which the trucking company hires someone who is not licensed or drivers fail to inform the company of an expired or suspended license.

Weight Restrictions

Large commercial trucks and the cargo they carry are restricted to a specific amount of weight when traveling down various roads. If the cargo is overloaded, it can result in the trailer becoming heavier, increasing the potential risk of the trailer turning over, a jackknife, trouble climbing a steep hill, or speeding up while going downhill, making it more difficult to stop.

Our Wisconsin truck accident lawyers at Cannon & Dunphy S.C. know the potential problems you may encounter if the regulations for the trucking industry are not adhered to properly. You may be subject to serious injury, damaged vehicle, and more. Let us stand by your side and work to hold the negligent party accountable.

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