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The Seriousness Of Brain Injuries

A person who suffers a brain injury is at risk for developing a number of complications. These complications may develop right after one suffers the injury. However, complications may not develop for several weeks.


A moderate to severe brain injury can cause a person to fall into a coma. This is a state where a person is unconscious and unable to respond to stimuli. The person is also unaware of the surroundings. People who have been in a coma for weeks may enter a persistent vegetative state. People who are in a vegetative state may be able to move, open their eyes, and respond to reflexes. However, they are unaware of their surroundings.

Brain Death

Brain death is an irreversible state. A person is considered brain dead if they do not have any brain activity. This often means they are placed on a ventilator to help them breathe.


Many people will start to develop seizures a week after their brain injury. This may be temporary, but it can occur for the rest of a person's life. Long-lasting seizures that occur as the result of a brain injury are referred to as post-traumatic epilepsy.

Fluid Buildup

Fluid can build up in the brain after a traumatic brain injury. This fluid can put extra pressure on the brain, which can cause it to swell. It is a serious condition that will require some form of medical attention to help.

Developmental and sensory Problems

Many people who suffer a brain injury will develop developmental and sensory problems. This includes problems with learning and memory. People may also experience behavior and emotional changes.

Degenerative Brain Problems

Brain injuries can also increase the risk of degenerative brain problems. This includes Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. Alzheimer's disease affects thinking skills and memories. Parkinson’s disease causes tremors and affects movement.

If you have suffered a brain injury, then you may be able to get compensation. When someone sustains a serious brain injury due to the negligence of another party, a Wisconsin brain injury lawyer should be called to help the victim seek justice.

You can contact Cannon & Dunphy if you are in need of an attorney.

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