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How Hot Weather Can Cause a Tire Blowout

Summer has arrived, and the hot weather can take a serious toll on people’s tires. If the tires on a vehicle are worn, underinflated, or have separating treads, a blowout can occur on hot road surfaces.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 10,000 accidents per year are caused by tire blowouts. In addition, underinflated tires result in greater stopping distances, reduced performance and poor fuel economy.

Preventing Tire Blowouts

Proper tire maintenance provides better traction, steering, and stopping. Gas mileage is also improved by almost four percent. The following tips from the NHTSA will help prevent a summer tire blowout:

  • Correct tire pressure. This varies by car model and tire brand. The information is found in the vehicle's manual or inside of the driver's side door. Keep a tire gauge handy, and check the pressure weekly. If the car has a pressure monitoring system, take action as soon as the warning light goes on. Repair or replace leaking tires immediately.
  • Tread monitoring. Check the wear of the tire treads regularly. An easy way to test for wear is to place a penny between the treads. If the top if Lincoln's head is visible, it means the treads are less than 2/32 of an inch, and the tires need to be replaced. Uneven wear or raised sections of tread also indicate replacement.
  • Checking the manual. Every vehicle comes with an owner's manual that recommends the replacement interval for tires. Tires should also be rotated each season to avoid uneven wear that may lead to blowouts.

Anyone who has questions regarding tire blowouts or needs legal advice after a blowout incident should contact the firm of Cannon & Dunphy for a consultation. Our Wisconsin car accident attorneys have dedicated our careers to representing the innocently injured when defective tires cause serious collisions and injuries. It is our goal to help you hold the negligent party accountable.

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