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How Wisconsin's New Speed Limits Could Affect Highway Safety

Earlier this year, Wisconsin State Legislature passed Act 16, which raised the speed limits on nine four-lane highways throughout Wisconsin. In addition, the law gave the Department of Transportation permission to increase speed limits on multi-lane freeways that have limited access to ramps or interchanges.

Recently, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation determined that certain freeways are able to handle increased speed limits. As a result, over 161 miles of multi-lane, non-interstate freeway roads will see raised speed limits increasing from 65 to 70 MPH.

The change will go into effect as soon as crews install new signs on the various roadways.

Can This Contribute to an Increase in Serious Car Accidents?

Unfortunately, some drivers may see the change as an opportunity to drive at unsafe speeds, increasing the risk of serious auto accidents.

Currently, speeding is the third leading factor contributing to car accidents in the United States. Generally, injuries that occur as the result of car accidents become more serious if vehicles are traveling at fasters speeds. Yet, many people still travel at speeds far out of their comfort zones for various reasons, such as:

  • Impatience / rushing to get somewhere
  • Do not think they will be caught
  • Do not believe their driving is dangerous
  • Do not consider other drivers’ safety

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