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Study: Some Crash Avoidance Features Help Reduce Crashes

A study released by the Highway Loss Data Institute this summer showed that crash avoidance features help in the reduction of crashes. 

The study, based off of insurance claims analyses showed that forward collision avoidance systems, specifically those that brake autonomonously and adaptive headlights helped decrease crashes for drivers. 

Forward collision avoidance systems alert a driver if a vehicle is gaining on other traffic ahead, warning a driver if a crash may be imminent.  Adaptive headlights move in the direction the vehicle is manuvering to help drivers better see where they are going. 

On the other hand a few systems, such as Lane departure warning may have the opposite effects and others like blind spot detection and park assist aren't showing a clear effect of crash patterns yet. 

The systems were optional equipment on several vehicles and the HLDI tracked insurance records for those vehicles with the same models with and without the features. 

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